Finding Your Voice

Every person and every cause has a story.

Some need only a headline. Others need volumes. Let’s find the platform unique to yours.

Website Development

Establish Yourself Online

From helping you develop your initial idea through wireframe design through launch, I’ll make sure that your site showcases your unique position in the marketplace.

All sites include hosting, a good SEO backbone, social media integration, email accounts, content copywriting, and 4 hours of WordPress coaching – enough for you to be able to write your own ongoing posts if you care to.

Every site is also responsive. That means it looks good on any size device, by changing its configuration dynamically. Which matters, because more than half of web traffic now arrives on mobile devices. Websites can’t just accommodate mobile visitors, they must be mobile-first.

Scope and Pricing

It depends.

We know that. But still. I’ve done this enough to be able to offer some guidelines. These aren’t exact quotes or promises, but they are close enough to start the conversation.

Straightforward sites start at $4000–$6000. These have around 10 content pages, including a blog, a contact page, an about page, a thorough home page, and perhaps a special landing page or custom service page.

Other features, such as an event calendar, a podcast feed, or sophisticated book promotion pages run about $1000 each. An eCommerce storefront is about twice that. So is hosting an online course.

Ongoing maintenance is $150–$300 per month.

It’s me, but online! I love it!

Besides how easy it is for visitors to navigate my site, I especially like how easy it is for me to add new blog posts and images whenever I want.

Lenina Close, Love Is Close


Write and Publish Your Book

Express your best self.

Whether you’re ready to pen the great American novel, a personal memoir, or the powerful new answers readers have been waiting for, I’ll help shepherd your words from ideas to print.

Usually that means coaching you through the organization and the writing, so that your notions become compelling storytelling. I can even write it for you if you’re a short on time or talents, but most often I’m here to keep you on message and on schedule.

For print books, we’ll use Amazon’s CreateSpace as the default, and Kindle for ebooks. Amazon’s ACX platforms lets regular folks publish on Audible as well. We can talk about other options, but Amazon does well at making these platforms accessible, and I’ll take care of the mechanics.

There are many reasons not to write a book – I’ve listed 10 here. But if those don’t stop you, then it’s probably time to get started.

Component Pricing

Major publishing houses invest upwards of $20,000 getting a book to print. And that’s without marketing: it’s editing, cover design, formatting, proofreading, and typesetting.

We can do much better. As always, these aren’t firm quotes – but they’re not far off.

For a straightforward, 50,000-word book, substantive editing is $2000, copy-editing is $600, and proofreading is $400. Cover design another $500. Interior formatting for ebooks is $500, and that amount again for print versions.

Lots of internal images bump the cost. So do numerous custom formatting elements such as call-outs, fancy lists, and text boxes. Add maybe $200 for smaller costs like ISBNs (not always needed).

Print costs are about $4 per book, but unlike the old days, these are all print-on-demand, so there are no outlays for large print runs. Each book is printed only when sold.

Glenn was not just an editor, but a guide and mentor.

He encouraged me to put these ideas into print, and challenged me to question what I thought I knew.

Author Laura Carno

Digital Strategy

Outsmart the Internet

Find your audience and succeed online.

But with so many options to choose from, where do you even start?

Together we’ll choose the best tools appropriate for your needs and efficiently use those to build your community and drive sales.

Likely an email newsletter is in the works. Pay-per-click ads are usually worthwhile, too. And there’s so much more: SEO, content marketing, blogging, social media, keyword research, analytics …

I’ll help cut through the overwhelm and work with you to amplify your authentic self and find your tribe.

Typical Budgets

Successful enterprises are now spending 25%–30% of their advertising and marketing budgets online – and this trend is only increasing.

Organic and off-line growth still matter, of course. But the ROI of effective digital campaigns is inescapable. And what’s more, they scale better than any other medium. Which means we can dial any budget up or down on a moment’s notice to capture the latest market momentum.

From budgets as modest as $5 a week to those thousands of times larger, pricing flexibility is what makes having a sound digital strategy so necessary.


Glenn possesses a rare and canny talent for knowing just the right tone, just the right approach, just the right message, best suited for a particular audience in a particular spot in space and time.

He’s a gem.

Thomas Krannawitter, PhD

People say the nicest things.

Glenn understands how the web works, why folks click on a story and how the Google Gods interpret your material. He improved my site in a number of subtle but critical ways.

He’s patient and thorough, and my site is all the better for it.

Christian Toto, Hollywood in Toto

A promotion genius, especially in strategizing about and executing promotion campaigns for my novels.

He’s constantly in touch with me, and is proactive about spotting opportunities for getting the word out about my books and capitalizing on them.

Author Laura DiSilverio

Frequently Asked Questions

I just need some short-term help. What do you charge?

$140 per hour for brief, one-off gigs (under 20 hours). A bit less for long-term projects.

What's the first step to take?

Hit me up with an email on my contact page. Let’s get the conversation going. The first call is on me. No pressure.

What if I don't know what I need?

That’s exactly why we should talk. I’ll work with you to make sure that your time is well spent. Let’s do only what needs doing and skip all the rest.

Where else can I find your writing?

I also blog with the sharp and ultra-savvy folks at

Man, I don't know.

It’s cool. Life’s too short to get all wound up about it.

I want you to succeed.

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