I help passionate, liberty-minded people create their best work, find their audiences, and realize their dreams.

This means that I write words that move people, build websites that tell stories, shepherd authors to publication, design distinctive brands, and help ideas gain purchase. If you have a story or a mission or a message, I’ll help you realize it.

I work at the intersection of freedom, technology, and marketing, bringing the latest digital expertise to the timeless challenge of finding the perfect audience for ideas that matter.

If you need a website, I’ll build it for you.

If your online presence gets lost in the noise, I’ll help you amplify it.

If your story needs crafting, I’ll help you tell it.

Once upon a time …

I established, built, and after 12 years took a high-tech company public on NASDAQ in the dot-com heyday of the late 90s. That was all about me.

Later I co-founded, helped build, and after 12 years handed off leadership from one of Colorado’s premier public charter schools. It now educates over 500 pupils each year. That was all about my family.

I’m now in the middle of Act III, where I’m helping like-minded visionaries enroll audiences, attract business, and create community.

This is all about you.

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