What you believe determines who believes you.

Because whether it’s for products or ideas, this maxim from Simon Sinek holds true: “People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.”

And why you act is built on what you believe. So as you consider putting your work into the world – your book or your cause or your business or your craft – make your beliefs equally prominent with your product.

Beliefs are promises worth sharing

I’ve suggested that to be notable and trustworthy you should make your unbreakable promises clear. And beliefs are promises you’ve made to yourself about how the world works, which your own life experience has validated.

To be heard, share your beliefs so that the people who believe what you believe will know they can trust what you say.

Starting with me.

Ayn Rand said that “Man is a being of self-made soul.” Here are the building blocks of mine. My own rules-colored glasses.

I believe

I believe that life is like recess, meant to be played, and the most joyful play is found where freedom meets discovery.

I believe that creating is the most human thing we do, and that love is our most powerful creation. I also believe that constraints foster creativity, so the most useful, most missing, most beautiful constraint is: I will love only you.

I believe that prosperity flows from widespread liberty, and that the best way to help the most people is to free up enterprise so that more individuals have more choices.

I believe that we solve today’s problems with tomorrow’s technology, and that the singularity is coming.

I believe that we live best when we live self-directed lives, unladen with guilt and unfettered by duty not of our own choosing.

I believe that people as a whole are good, expressing the exalted nature of the human spirit, but that individuals who hurt others have no place in a civilized society.

I believe that pointing out injustice is a moral imperative: that we should judge, and prepare to be judged.

I believe that we own our bodies, and ought to do anything whatsoever with them as we please, so long as it harms no one else.

I believe that living in the moment is a joyful end in itself, and is impossible when you’re always measuring your actions against the image of who you thought you were supposed to be – an image created way back when you were a younger, less forgiving version of yourself.

I believe that life should be simpler, and that we diminish ourselves when we overcomplicate it.

I believe that we are all frail, flawed creatures, desperate for approval. And that although this makes us insular, it would do the opposite if more of us were authentically vulnerable.

I believe that writing for a cause carves one’s mark onto existence, engraving “I am here” with purpose and permanence.

For a cause

I write for a cause: to help people live life like recess, inspiring lives of play, creation, and joy.

To make freedom real, one creator at a time.

Starting with you.

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