Author: Informix Basics, Prentice Hall, 1998, ISBN 0-13-080799-0, 672pp.

This primer sold over 3500 copies, including a Japanese translation.

Basic and excellent: This book is quite well written, it includes readily applicable examples, and employs a tutorial approach that can be easily followed. This book is both informative and fun to read. -– 5 stars

Carlos Mudereira,

All most people will ever need: Well-organized summary of what the dense Informix documentation wants to say. – – 4½ stars

Ocelot Book Reviews

A fine Informix resource: This book is a fine resource for anyone who is just learning Informix database. It provides a good overview on all the concepts that related to Informix. The book is very in-depth. -– 4 stars

Joseph Jendrysik,

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