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My Utopia Is Filled with Things I Despise

My utopia is filled with things I despise—and the choice to avoid them.

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Kindle Unlimited Is Not Netflix for Books

Kindle Unlimited is not Netlfix for books. It’s so much more than that.

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Writing Partner

As Val Orr’s writing partner, I helped her find the heart of her story: about growing up on her family’s Colorado ranch and using the life lessons it taught her to fight through three Supreme Court appearances in a twelve-year struggle for equal rights. Read more about Bar None here.    ...
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Writing Partner for Bar None

As Val Orr’s writing partner, I helped her find the heart of her story among the hundreds of hours of recordings we made, and reveal that heart by teasing out the simple truths among life’s complex messages. We crafted scenes that showcased her vulnerabilities and strengths, her ranch-charm and DC-wisdom, and her role in changing the laws that make today’s workplace more fair for everyone.

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Elegant Website Development

Speakeasy Ideas is a new kind of enterprise: one offering politics without the noise. As framework for their tools for civil discourse, they needed an e-commerce website with a blog ready to support lively discussions, but whose tone reflected a more friendly approach–one that brought the idea of a speakeasy to mind.
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