The World is Online

You can be too, and I’m poised to be the writer and social media strategist who helps you get there. Let’s go tell a story.


The Social Landscape Keeps Evolving

Writer Glenn Miller, Social Media Strategist

It’s all about the words.

And as it does I’ll show you how to keep your footing.  Your job is to write books or get elected or sell houses or promote a cause; mine is to help you find the online conversations that empower you.  I’ll help distill the latest technology and trends to find the tools you need to succeed online.  I’ll keep you focused on what works, and make sure that the time you invest online is time well spent.


Putting Words to Good Use

Along the way I can also help you communicate better: more clearly, more concisely, more persuasively.

I’ve written words that created a thriving public school, now educating over 500 students.  With words, I’ve helped take a company public on NASDAQ and helped elect a Mayor.  Words I wrote raised over $1,000,000 in grant funds on behalf of my clients.  My words educated thousands of database professionals via two top-selling technical reference books.  There’s more: my words enroll audiences, attract business, and create community.

If words matter for you as much as they have for me, then I’m ready to help you to make a difference.  As your partner I’ll fine-tune your message to the target audience and produce copy you can trust.  Sometimes a message needs to be delivered with gravitas; occasionally it needs grace and sparkle–even whimsy; at times it needs to incite with fire and the clarion ring of deep truth.  I know the difference, and can bring a voice that matches the circumstance.


A Bigger Platform

If you need a website, I’ll build it for you.

If your online presence gets lost in the noise, I’ll help you amplify it.

If your story needs crafting, I’ll help you tell it.