Bio: “It’s a keeper!”

This brief bio is for a jewelry artist’s “About Me” page on her website.

Inspired by nature, crafted by hand.

Aris G travels the world for inspiration, and what she finds, she captures. Universal themes—nature, colors, places and faces—transformed into gems and jade, silver and stone.

In Italy they call jewelry Gioielli (joy-yelli). In Aris’ native Santo Domingo, from where she emigrated the Dominican Republic at age seven, they say las joyas. The words call forth the joy of inspiration and the joy of creation—joy that compels Aris to design, to delight in seeing her handmade jewelry worn.

From her Miami studio, Aris reflects on her upbringing in New York City, and her later discovery of a passion for design. “One bracelet,” she recalls, “from a beading class. From that, I knew this was never going to be just a hobby.” What she discovered was an artist’s heart and a sculptor’s hand. “When I have new ideas, my head just spins. I have to create so that I can discover where this vision leads me. That’s when I’m most alive.”

Her sources are everyday: life and culture, vivid colors, international experiences. But each fires a cascade of impulses, an urgent need to engage the artist within and explore the unknown. Whether the resulting design is unique or inspires a collection, every piece she makes is crafted with love, care, and passion.

Wear it, and feel for yourself.

Her response: “Beautiful, Glenn!  Wow–I’m very impressed and most important I feel very connected to the Bio.  It’s a keeper!  Sooo Happy!”

Jewely artisan and delighted client Aris G