Any capital campaign includes a direct plea to the stakeholders.  The purpose of ours was to help purchase a building.

Dear CSCA Families,

Colorado Springs Charter Academy closes on the purchase of the Benet Hill Center in early summer. This acquisition has been a huge hurdle for all of us and we’re keen to finally put our own stamp on the building that stands as an emblem of our collective character.

As a public school we receive our funding from the State of Colorado based on how many students attend. For each one, CSCA receives $6,300 in revenue, which even with careful fiscal management only just covers operational costs. Extra expenses, such as building purchases and renovations, call for something extra. And although the CSCA board has been very successful at securing grants to assist us with starting the school and purchasing the building, we’re now obliged to begin a capital campaign to augment funds for needed renovations.

Once the building purchase is complete, we will undertake an enormous and necessary renovation that will turn our lecture hall into three classrooms, at a cost of $300,000. We’re working to raise the majority of funding through grants and wise operational spending, but we will also require financial assistance from all CSCA stakeholders if we are to complete the renovation during the summer break.

As a community we are exceedingly generous. Our giving reflects the strength of character that together we strive to foster in our students. We open our hearts and pocketbooks for causes across the country and across the globe.

And now we face an opportunity to express that same generosity for our own children, right here at home. Here is the chance for us together to make a statement that in our city, in our community, in our school—the needs of children to have the facility that brings us together will not be put at risk.

Enclosed you will find an envelope addressed to the school. Please consider whether you could add $25, $100, or even more to our efforts. Of course your contribution is tax-deductible.

This is the opening for us to act locally in a way that makes all the difference. Please join us.


Glenn Miller

Founder and Board President

Results: over $3000 raised from a community of 200 families.  This money plus additional grant funds enabled the renovations to be completed before school opened.