Delivering on a Promise (Advertorial)

As part of a broader marketing campaign, I wrote this advertorial for a local paper. In this medium, the writer must advocate without overselling, lest his biases show too strongly.

Delivering on a Promise

Three years ago a dedicated group of parents promised Colorado Springs that they could build a school whose focus would be on academic achievement, regardless of a student’s background.  CSCA is the result, a testament to the efforts of a community working towards a shared vision.

Delivering on a promise isn’t limited to adults, as character education is woven into the studies alongside the most effective research-based curriculum.  Students deliver too, generating the second-best middle school CSAP scores in the city—and after only three years.  A primary reason is individual attention, which comes from having so many committed partners working together.  Not only does each classroom have a full-time aide, but each family is also asked to spend forty hours helping the school every year.

Now starting its fourth year, Colorado Springs Charter Academy remains true to its charter, offering a rigorous Core Knowledge curriculum, Saxon Math, phonics-based literacy programs, and foreign language instruction to all students.  Whether it is uniforms, a longer school year, or performance grouping, each aspect of the school’s operation reflects its unrelenting focus on academic achievement—on giving every student high expectations and then providing the tools to meet them.

And all of this is done in a free, public school.  There are no entrance exams for CSCA.  No admissions restrictions.  No excluding students whose prior schooling was inadequate.  Many of the students who thrive at CSCA are those who had previously underperformed.  It’s this capacity to bring out the best in each student that marks CSCA as a thriving cornerstone of its community.

To succeed at CSCA a family needs commitment, involvement, and a willingness to be held accountable, to be part of the team. Together, that CSCA team will continue to prove that it delivers on its promises.